Session flow for the Oct 2, 2022 Soul Trait Studio session focusing on the soul trait (middah) of Achryaut (אחריות) Responsibility.
You are invited to the mark the end and beginning of the Shmita cycle with me!
An exercise to help you reassess your priorities and guide to help you transform into a ritual for priorities alignment.
A Devotaj Sacred Arts Source Sheet & Guide about understanding plant and animal allies from a Jewish frame as well as a guide to working with them.
L’Shanah Tovah, Tishrei is the Moon of Gathering. The shmita year is coming to an end and a new 7 year cycle is beginning.
🌘 Moon of Making Space 🌘
Deep dive on the magick of the lulav and etrog, including specific sections on palm, myrtle, and myrtle.
Jewish Teachings and Traditions about circles, circle casting, and magick circles.
Individual prayers and full machzorim/rituals for the High Holy Days
🌘 Moon of Endings and Beginnings🌘
A Jewish circle casting crafted specifically for use in virtual environments like Zoom.
A ritual can be used to honor Rachel Imeinu or any ancestor of blood or spirit.