Nisan 5783 🌒 Moon of Revealing 🌘 Begins at sundown on 2/21/2023. We explore the joys and responsibilities of liberation as well as updates on all things Devotaj Sacred Arts.
Practice guide for the Soul Trait Studio mussar practice for Nisan 5783 (03/26/23) focusing on the soul trait of "simcha" | joy.
Introduction to Ketzirah’s approach and sources for creating Jewish sigils
A prayer to prepare for mussar practice and study. This is the prayer I use to open each session of Soul Trait Studio.
Exploring the years of the shmita cycle through mussar practice.
Passover is such a powerful holiday. Ideas to add some intention and magick to spice it up with a little magickal goodness for Jewitches and witchy…
Unpacking the Hebrew word "chasidut" using the meanings of the letters and gematria.
Translation of Talmud Avodah Zara 20b.10. by Kohenet Ketzirah, adapted from Sefaria
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