Source Sheets

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Jewish sources and resources on the history and mythology of the Golem, and, yes, the plural of golem is "glamim" (גולמים).
Jewish sources and resources for the herb Rue/Ruda (Ruta Graveolens), known as Peigam (פיגם) in Hebrew.
A source sheet with sources and resources to learn about Jewish views, teachings, and traditions about owls and how they were used as an anti-Semitic…
The pomegranate is such a common motif and symbol in Jewish culture. Rabbinic Judaism says that it’s because of the “613 seeds” in the pomegranate that…
Let’s talk about the history of Florida Water, a two hundred year old product with deep connections to African American hoodoo practice, Caribbean and…
Jewish sources and resources for cedar called erez (ארז) also sometimes gopher (גפר) in Hebrew.