Rituals, charms, and spells based in Jewish teachings. Available here for premium subscribers, and are not sent out as individual emails when new items are added.

Two Tu B’Shevat Seders for you! The first is one that I created for OneShul, the online synagogue I used to lead. And the second is Tu B’Shevat seder I…
Gratitude is not only a daily practice in Jewish teachings and traditions, but something that is prompted multiple times of day through prayers in the…
Creative interpretations and magickal uses of psalm 113-118 and Psalm 136.
These interpretations of Mourners’ Kaddish by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet endeavors to capture that celebratory aspect as well as engage with death…
Inspired by Hoodoo practices, but using Jewish psalmic magick
A jewish anointing ritual to charge and recharge amulets
Yes, you can just eat them — but what fun would that be?
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